Log in to the cPanel administrative console.

  1. From the Mail section of the page, select MX Entry.
  2. In the Email Routing box, select Remote Mail Exchanger and click Change.
  3. Include the following MX record values: cloud7.spamtitan.com; cloud8.spamtitan.com (or, depending on which Cloud Cluster you are in, that could be: cloud1.spamtitan.com/cloud2.spamtitan.com or cloud3.spamtitan.com/cloud4.spamtitan.com. See SpamTitan Cloud Server IP Addresses)
  4. Click Add New Record.
  5. To add MX records for the additional servers, repeat steps 4 to 6 for those servers. Give backup servers a lower priority than the primary email server.

NOTE: Many cPanel servers require an MX record that contains the hostname of the cPanel server. This is used for mail routing and/or authentication. If after changing your MX records, you have issues with mail being rejected due to "too many hops" or authentication issues, add a 3rd MX record with a priority of 100 that contains the hostname of your cPanel server.

If you have to add a 3rd MX record for you cPanel server you may have to lock down your cPanel server to only accept mail from the SpamTitan server. See cPanel Configuration -- Account Settings to Only Receive From SpamTitan for more information.